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You are About to Discover the Power of Genuine iPostAd and it's "Proven Safelist Advertising Results"

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  • One Click Submit to 1,030,549 Safelist Members
  • Free Safelist Automatic Validation System
  • Amazing Lowest Price Ever
  • Large Responsive Safelist Directory
  • Free Safelists Auto Email Cleaner
  • 100% Safe Free Safelist Advertising
  • Save & Rotate Safelists Ads
  • Bonus Automatic FFA Blasters
  • Free Online Form Builder Tool
  • Auto Send Search Engine Submitter
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Truth is, iPostAd's The World's Best Safelist Submitter!

Why iPostAd is Ranked #1 of All

Safelist Submitters

The answer would not be complete without some iPostAd history. One day in early 2003 iPostAd safelist submitter started what became the first ever permission driven web based safelist submitter. iPostAd was planned and deliberately designed for months to ensure it would fulfill our vision;

  • Low cost, high conversion, responsive safelist advertising
  • Value safelist owners, support and treat them respectfully
  • Absolutely, always promote the safelist concept
  • Award winning support for members and safelists owners

These ideals continue to be iPostAd's driving force. The fact that iPostAd is still going strong proves the vision was sound. In our "humble" opinion it also helps prove iPostAd is the best safelist submitter in the world and probably the galaxy.

High Quality Safelists

1,020 Real safelists with real owners.

One feature that puts iPostAd ahead of it's competition is the super high quality safelists in our safelist submitter index. It's been proven that well maintained, owner promoted safelists are the most responsive safelists.

We hand select all safelists that go into our submission database/directory. It is not good enough to choose the best safelists and stop. It is vital that our safelist submitter directory is kept clean and up to date.

Sometimes age can help make great safelists and other times maybe it's a new safelist that is hot. There are different elements that cause safelists to be exceptional and deliver effective traffic.

Safelists are our J.O.B and we are experts at recognizing super safelists.

iPostAd's safelist submitter directory/database is tested twice per day to ensure all safelists are functioning properly. If an issue is found, that safelist is put into hold status until it is resolved. This ensures that you will be submitting to active safelists.

We want your email marketing campaign to be rewarded with increased traffic and high conversions. If you're like most internet marketers you want to post ads to "real safelists" with real owners.

iPostAd submits to 1,020 high quality safelists and not space fillers, ghosts, fakes or duds.

Why waste your time submitting email advertising to safelists that only exists in someone's mind?

Increase Traffic Through Email Advertising

Auto Safelist Join

Productivity. Let iPostAd do the work

Automatically join 1,020 safelists with the touch of a button. Manually joining 1,020 safelists would take hours and maybe days of work to complete. That's if you could force yourself to finish the job at all. iPostAd doesn't have a life or another job and it puts its nose down and works until the job is done.

You don't need to wait around for it to conclude or even leave your computer turned on. Let iPostAd's safelist auto join do this boring, redundant, and mind numbing task for you.

You have access to the results in their native format. If you've used safelists before then you'll recognize these results. If you've never used safelists before you will find learning easy, fun and interesting.

Auto join is a feature that you will find yourself using often. You'll want to use it as a new member and again later when we add new safelists.

We never stop adding new safelists to iPostAd safelist submitter. If you own one that's not already listed please recommend your safelist be listed.

Automatic Safelist Validation

A long mundane task

After you've used iPostAd's auto safelists join, your mailbox will be packed with safelist conformation emails. You will want to validate and confirm them as soon as possible. Finding the time to open 1,020 emails, locate and click 1,020 URLs is very labor intensive. Trying to stay awake through the boredom of such a long mundane task can even be harder to do.

Just give iPostAd permission, and it takes over the validation process and never makes mistakes. It methodically checks your email account, finding conformation emails and confirming them just like you might. Once it finishes, you are notified and left with a massive amount of validated safelist accounts.

iPostAd's safelist auto validation system was designed and built by us specifically for this job. Some safelist owners regularly change their methods of sending and the formating of their validation messages. After they make changes, auto finding and confirming validation URLs without just arbitrarily clicking links can be like hitting a moving target. We quickly adjust to these changes so that all validations are confirmed.

Not all safelist email conformation systems are created equally and ours is the best ever made.

All safelists validation "thank you" pages are saved saved for seven days (168 hours) for your review.

Original and Genuine

iPostAd Safelist Submitter

We ain't playing no game here

Viral Biz Media Inc. has a network of powerful, blazing fast servers in it's arsenal. Three of these servers are used by iPostAd to be sure you have more than enough computing resource power.

Some safelist submitters think one server is plenty for their clientele. Some iPostAd wannabes even think shared hosting is adequate for their customers. Vincent's response when we asked him was, "We ain't playing no game here...".

You or your computer will never be waiting for a process to complete.

Some safelist submitters claim they show real-time results as "proof" your ads being sent. Maybe they are.

We will not ask you to blindly accept claims we make. You will recognize proof by increased traffic, ad conversions and documented safelist result pages.

After a process has completed, you are sent an overview of the results to let you know it has concluded. You will have ready access to returned results (in their native format) from each individual safelist submission of your advertising.

iPostAd is not "a script" it is a powerful, proven safelist advertising delivery system. We will keep it that way or in the words of Vincent, "We'll shut'er down". If keeping it great means using more server resources, then we use more resources. If it means adding servers then we will add more servers.

First rate safelist submitter

We refuse to run anything less

Due to operating cost, there are no $20 yearlies or $5 lifetime memberships here.

Good quality don't come free.

Great quality don't come with $5 lifetime memberships.

Like Vincent said, "we ain't playing no game here."

The Safelist Submitter for Grown Ups

Free bonus package

Some try to imitate us, but none reach our level of quality, features or benefits.

We are proud to offer the following free bonus package of powerful marketing tools with the master level membership.

#1 - Automatic Safelist Validation System

iPostAd's proprietary Automatic Safelist Validation system was conceived and created by Vincent Bryant. It is the first web based automatic safelist validation system of its kind. Since an owner of VBM created it we are able to keep it up to date as needed without causing any inconvenience to members.

It's perfect for everyone but it saves new safelist submitter members many hours of work, countless hassles and headaches. It does all the real work and leaves you with a fully validated set of iPostAd listed free safelists.

How much easier can it be?

#2 - iBuild-A-Form Contact Email Sender

iPostAd's proprietary iBuild-A-Form is a web based contact email sending form building tool. Fully customizable by you to gather the information you wish from a visitor. It has a wide range of uses such as lead collection from your mailing list. Receive information from a website visitor or just about any form data collecting task.

Build your form using the web based interface. Send prospects to it via your own customized URL. Their information is emailed to you after they complete and submit the form.

#3 - Search Engine Submitter
iPostAd's proprietary Search Engine Submitter submits websites to over 90 top search engines every thirty days.
Create and save up to five website profiles in our search engine submitter.

Our Search Engine Submitter is a "set & forget" work saving submission web tool. Each profile will be automatically submitted to all listed engines every thirty days.

#4 - FFA Submitter - One
iPostAd's proprietary FFA Submitter blast your ads to over 160,000 FFA sites with one click our first FFA Blaster tool.
Save an ad, set the hour and minute to send and the FFA blaster submits it daily, automatically.  Set it and forget it.

You'll appreciate our built-in weekly e-mail address validation system for FFA posting. Why post to FFA pages if your ad will not be accepted because of an unconfirmed email address? To ensure that our member's ads will actually be posted we added this to help improve results. Your FFA ads will not be declined because of an unconfirmed e-mail address. Login, input your ad and no need to ever touch it again.

#5 - FFA Blaster - Two
200,000+ FFA pages. FFA Blaster #2 works the same as our number one FFA Submitter.
Save an ad, choose the hour and minute and the FFA Blaster #2 submits daily, automatically.
#6 - EmailPotty.com Email Account Cleaner
$4.97 a month Free membership at VBM's EmailPotty.com which is also a VBM proprietary software creation.

Free bonus feature. Saves you $4.97 a month!

Why an EmailPotty.com membership? It saves $4.97 a month and gives you some peace of mind. Knowing your email account will never get full during your absence is worth plenty. A full mailbox is the largest cause of bounced e-mail and can lead to safelist account deactivations. On some safelist even one bounce will cause your safelist account to be deactivated.

One deactivated safelist may not seem so bad but 1,020 deactivated safelists might be pretty bad huuh? EmailPotty can be turned on whenever and for how little or long it's needed.

When you are away for a few days and cannot find time to check your email account it can get full. No Problem. Set up EmailPotty and every night at midnight, your e-mails will be deleted. You also receive an email notification to an address of your choosing when it runs.

#7 - Free iBuild-A-Scrollbar Scrollbar Builder

Have you ever wanted to build colorized browser scrollbars for a website? iBuild-A-Scrollbar makes it easy to change and every aspect of the scrollbars. Building colorized scrollbar code has never been easier to do.

#8 - Free HTML Editor

Need to build a HTML e-mail ad or web page? Don't know any code? Type text into this Editor, center, left, right, bold, italicize, etc. You can even colorize fonts and the source will be automatically generated for you. Handy.

#9 - Free HTML Encryptor

Ever wanted to protect HTML source from prying eyes? Use the handy HTML encryptor. It works with low level javascript so it will be compatible with visitors browsers.

We've been operating web based multi safelist submitters

longer than anyone.

We're not trying to say

iPostAd is better and we know more about safelist submitters than anyone.

We are saying it ;-)

Try The Real Online Safelist Submitter

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Maryanne Myers

I join 100's to 1000's of safelists and it was the most tedious thing to
go through each validation link to the point that I didn't even finish them.
AutoValidation literally saved me hours of time, money and got more of
my ads out since ALL lists got their validated link clicked!